Po’s Atalier, Sheung Wan

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I decided I loved it before I even tasted the food. Glass paneling, toasted birch and overt minimalism; all that endless clean light. This place is the aspiring Scandinavians veritable wet dream. It is beautiful as it is straightforward and functional. Swedish, in every sense of the word. Unsurprisingly, the food is magnificent, relaxed and reassuring. Pared down and fresh.Think crispy, flaky, crusty, cinnamon scented things smeared with butter and homemade jam. Think a caprese salad  peppered with a  fresh basil vinaigrette and ripe milky curds. Think fresh coffee and crisp creamy whites and the sort of morning that ought to be lingered over for as long as possible. Every morning, every day, forever.

Po’s Atalier / Cafe Deadend
62 Po Hing Fong
Sheung Wan

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