Spiced Pumpkin, Cauliflower and Leek Soup

Pumpkin Cauliflower Soup Spiced Pumpkin Cauliflower and Leek Soup

 After six carefree weeks of living out of a backpack, four counties, infinite flights and breathtaking orange skies across Sydney at dawn this morning, I’m elated to be home in the land of milk and honey. Back to clean white bedsheets, traffic rules that are adhered to and punnets of strawberries. Back to crisp winter light and pottering about in my kitchen. Whilst I’d love to stay and rave about how good this soup is (it’s very good), I’m far more inclined to curl up in bed with a bowl of it and a documentary or two.

Spiced Cauliflower, Pumpkin and Leek Soup
One head of cauliflower, chopped (about 700-800grams)
400 grams of chopped pumpkin, or there about
Four cups of vegetable stock (ideally this will be homemade, though nobody ever died from taking a shortcut)
Two large cloves of garlic, or three to four small ones, chopped
Two large leeks, white part only, chopped roughly
A bit of tumeric, cinnamon, paprika, ground ginger, thyme, cumin and ground coriander (around a scant teaspoon of each)
A few tablespoons of olive oil, to sautee
Sea salt, cracked pepper, as always

In the olive oil, sautee the leeks and garlic until soft. Add spices, the pumpkin and the cauliflower and cook for a few minutes, before pouring over the stock and covering the pot. Allow to come to the boil. When the vegetables are soft enough, blend until the pot of seemingly chaotic vegetation becomes thick and creamy. Season with sea salt and cracked pepper. To serve, throw on a handful of toasted pepitas, a little yogurt and a few chilli flakes.

Serve with back-to-back episodes of Louis Theroux.

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