Chilli Seared Salmon + Ruby Grapefruit + Avocado Salad

IMG_4162IMG_4149IMG_4150IMG_4171Thinking of things that I’d like for lunch is a ritual of mine (the perks of being a university student), and sees me spend most of my mornings palming over seasonal fruit guides and scribbling italicized notes into my memory. It almost always involves a little something green, usually a little bit of fruit, maybe a little cheese or something roasted, or something stacked up, or a light pasta dish perhaps. Most of the time everything is fine and I make myself a little assortment of seasonal goodies and be done with it. Though awkwardly enough right now it’s tricky to tell which season it actually is. Amidst the nippy mornings, extra blankets and new packages of tights, the last little flecks of summer keep incessantly peeping through the sky. It’s all too confusing. It is this time of year in which I find myself eternally conflicted – is it a time for comfort food or sunshine food? This is my attempt to reconcile the two, utilizing my favourite winter fruit, the achingly pretty ruby red grapefruit, as well as the last few creamy avocados, lingering persistently from the warmer season. Removing the skin from the bottom of the salmon fillet is not time well spent. Leave it on and let it crisp up magnificently.

Chilli Seared Salmon + Ruby Grapefruit + Avocado Salad
Two ruby-red grapefruit
One teaspoon of dried chilli flakes
Half a teaspoon of smoky Paprika
Two pink radishes
A good handful of rocket
Two thick fillets of wild salmon
One avocado
A handful of coriander, mint and basil

Rub the salmon with the chilli and the paprika. Segment the grapefruit, and squeeze the last of the grapefruit skeleton onto the salmon. On medium to high heat, add a dribble of olive oil into the pan. Sear the fish lightly on each side. Possibly a couple of minutes on each. I like mine a little bit rare in the middle as it seems to continue to cook. Combine all the salady things together. Top with the salmon and the herbs. I squeezed a little grapefruit juice on mine but its also lovely with a good drizzle of balsamic. A little chunk of bread won’t go astray either.

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