Sweet Milk Gelato


I’m yet to find a more nostalgic food than ice-cream and I’m of the firm belief that a really good vanilla gelato (a really, really good one) should make you feel like a child again. This one is all jam smeared cheeks and broken crayons. It’s that giddy feeling when your Mum concurs that you are too sick to go to school today. It’s scraped knees and shrapnel from the tooth fairy. It’s drawing with chalk on the road and having sticky hands and wearing overalls. It’s getting itchy from rolling in the grass and outgrowing your school shoes. What I’m trying to say is, that as far as ice-creams go, this is a good one. Perhaps my favourite, ever. It’s velvety and silken and rich with condensed milk. It will dissolve on your lips and melt gloriously into a pool of vanilla that dribbles down your chin. It is, by all accounts, the perfect gelato.

Sweet Milk Gelato
Two and a half cups of full cream milk
6 organic egg yolks
One 400g tin of condensed milk
Half a cup of white sugar
One vanilla bean, seeds scraped

Heat the milk and vanilla seeds and bean in a saucepan until nearly boiling, but don’t let it boil. Whilst the milk heats, whisk the egg yolks and the sugar together. When the milk is ready, pour it into the bowl of yolks and sugar, stirring continuously. When that’s combined, return the entire mixture to the saucepan, over medium-low heat until it is thickened. Stir continuously. Add the condensed milk. It might feel like it is never going to thicken, but persevere. It will. Once it’s thick – at minimum coating the back of your wooden spoon – remove from the pot and allow to cool entirely. Refrigerate until cold. Remove the vanilla bean and pour into an ice-cream machine. Churn until thick and creamy. Freeze for another three to four hours in a container.

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