Really Excellent Pancakes

So here we are, posting again after a casual five month (or so?) hiatus, sitting in a bed in a cheap (but cheerful) hotel in Istanbul, eating pistachio baklava and making audacious claims… Continue reading

Haloumi with Lemon Myrtle, Pomegranate and Mint

This is about as complicated as things get these days. Dinners have become as extensive as a kale omelet (with chilli, garlic and Parmesan, natch), writing has scarcely ventured beyond text messages. I’ve… Continue reading

Raspberry and Lemon Yogurt Cake {Happy Birthday to Me}

By the time I press publish on this post it’ll be my birthday. The big (or not so much) 2-3. An age in which a few years ago seemed like the most archaic… Continue reading

Leek, Lentil and Caraway Seed Soup with Pistachio Dill Pesto

The urge to make a pot of soup caught me in a particularly unraveling moment – you know the ones? When you’ve spent a week reading the most compelling book you’ve read this… Continue reading

Carrot, Coriander and Orange Blossom Salad

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it in five minutes as in five years” -Tom Wolfe. It’s no secret that I left my heart in New York city, and ever… Continue reading

Coconut Sugar Pavlova Pots with Sweet Labneh and Strawberry Salsa

Pavlova. What Australian mums call a foolproof dessert and I call an embarrassing fail every time. I’m not sure what it is – something about being too impatient to let it cool down… Continue reading

Pilgrims, Milton

Thanks to Puberty Blues, devoting ones formative years to the white-wash of the Tasman sea has become a genre in it’s own right.   I’ve ranted about mine before – on the almost romantic… Continue reading

Socca with Swiss Brown Mushrooms and Labneh

The irony, as I post this outrageously autumnal recipe, is that I am right this moment suburned, salty-haired and about to go for a ride on my bicycle and have a twilight dip… Continue reading

Wild Mackerel Fishcakes with Garlicky Bok Choy

Spanish Mackerel is my go to fish these days.  Partly because general consensus deems it to be a fairly sustainable choice on the seafood front, though perhaps more so because an enthusiastic fisher… Continue reading

5 Delicious Things to Eat In Hoi An

For anyone with a fetish for fresh flowers, carbohydrates and  historical buildings (guilty) a trip to Hoi An will be nothing if not life affirming. While we came back from Vietnam months ago, … Continue reading

Neapolitan Nut Milks

Plain cows milk and I never really hit it off. Like energy saving lightbulbs, Kuala Lumpur and sashimi, milk has fallen into the category of things that I really like the idea of,… Continue reading

Cherry Tomatoes with Fried Rosemary, Torn Sourdough and Olives

Another day, another ode to the simple assembly of excellent ingredients. This salad, a happy mess of garlicky things, sweet things, creamy things and salty things, started (as most good salads do) at… Continue reading